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1.2 Adding a Book

You can add a new book by clicking ‘Add New’ under the BookPress tab on the left sidebar or by going to the ‘All Books’ page link in the sidebar and clicking the ‘Add New’ button.

Add a New Book
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Fig. 1 – Add a New Book

Configure your Main Book Settings

A new book screen will appear (Fig. 2 below) which contains some elements pre-configured for you.

Setting up a new book
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Gig. 2 – Configure your new book.
  1. Enter your book title.
  2. Select a Genre
  3. Edit or delete any elements in the Cover, Front, Body or End matter sections that are not relevant to your book.
  4. Tick the ‘Printing’ check box for any elements you want to display in you book.
  5. Tick the ‘TOC’ check box for any elements you want to include in the Table of Contents (for example, normally you would not include the items in the Cover Matter section.
  6. Choose how you want users to scroll through your book pages in the Pagination section.
  7. Choose ‘Save Draft’, ‘Publish’ or ‘Update’.


Page Numbering

One of the great features of BookPress is the ability to number Front Matter in Roman numerals and Body Matter (your ‘book content’) in Arabic numerals, just like a real book.  This video shows how to set up and manage the page numbering system.



There are four options for page numbering.  You will find these when you open your main book page and scroll down below the book elements to the ‘Pagination Options’ block.

Page Numbering in BookPress
Fig. 3 – Page Numbering in BookPress. Click to enlarge.

Numbers in the image (Fig. 3 above refer to the following features)

1 – Tick to switch page numbering on.

2 – Pagination Type – Choose between page numbering or Previous/Next buttons

3 – Specifiy the wording you would like the Previous / Next buttons to dispaly (eg Forward / Back or < > etc)

4 – Specify where page numbering should display (NB this only works with numbers not with the Previous/Next buttons which always appear at the bottom of the book)


Assign and Manage Genres



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