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1.3 Configure Book Elements

Cover Image

On the book management page for your book, select the Cover Image element.

Your cover image should be proportional to a 6 inch by 9 inch book cover, eg 800 by 1280 px at 72dpi.

Add an image to the page using the image options. (This will be used when viewing the book).

Also, add the image as a ‘Featured Image’ in the sidebar (this will be used for the widget and library page displays).

Adding Content

On the book management page, most of the default elements (such as the Summary, Testimonials, Copyright, Chapter pages etc) offer similar features.

Simply open book element you want to edit and write or paste your text.

You can set some formatting options for the element in the ‘Element Options’ section at the bottom of the page:

  • Visible in Web Pages and Print
  • Include in Table of Contents
  • Include in Word Count
  • Include in Page Numbering


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