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1.5 Index (Paid Plugin Only)

Simple Index Items

To include a word in the index you need to bracket it with tags in square brackets like thise:

Index Shortcode

and the word will then display in the Index like this (Note the page number is a link which will jump you to the original reference):

Fig. 1 – How Items Enclosed in the Index Tag Display in the Index.

Special Cases – Hidden Index Items

Sometimes you may want to add words or phrases to the Index, but format them differently in the Index compared to how they appear on the page. For example with a name: “John P Smith” – you might want it to appear in the Index as “Smith, John P” so that it is listed by the surname in the index.

In circumstances like this you can insert a ‘hidden’ index item next to the word or phrase you are indexing. It won’t show in the book text, but it will appear in the Index and create a link in the Index to the reference.

The Tag format for hidden Index items is:

This will display publicly on the front end page as:

But it will appear in the Index like this (NB. # = page number link):

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