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3.2 Multi-Book Widget (Paid Plugin Only)

The paid version of the plugin comes with a second widget to help you display multiple books. Depending on your theme, the widget should look something like this:

Pro version sidebar widget
Fig. 1 – Mult-Book Widget.

You can add/remove and edit most elements in the widget in the widget control panel:

Pro version sidebar widget settings
Fig. 2 – Widget Control Panel.

To select multiple books, click on a book and hold down the Ctrl key then click on you next selection. If you hold down th Shift key instead you can select all books listed between your first and last click.

You can add a short description for each book in the ‘Promo Text’ box. Separate each book’s text with a vertical bar like this: |

Clicking on the image or the Read More link will launch a ‘distraction free’ page which shows your book and allows readers to scroll through the pages. The book should look something like this:

Book two page display
Fig. 3 – Distraction free book view.
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