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4.1 Single Book Shortcode

To display a single book within a Page or Post

First create a new page or post which will contact the book (if this does not already exist)

Second, copy the shortcode shown on the ‘All Books’ page (sidebar menu BookPres => All Books link) – it should look something like this [book id-109]

Third, paste this into the page or post where you want to show the book.

Finally, click “Save Draft”, “Publish” or “Update”!

If you want to add the book page to your menu, you can do this in the Menu section of the WordPress “Appearance” tab once the page has been published with the shortcode included.

Fig. 1 – Find the book shortcode on the ‘All Books’ page.


Your book should now show within a normal website page or post. Depending on your theme, it will look something like this:

Display book in a page or post
Fig. 2 – Single book shortcode display shows a book within a normal website Page or Post.

Note:  The shortcode does not support pages and posts using the Gutenberg editor.  Please switch to the Classic WordPress editor if using shortcodes.

You can use the official WordPress plugin to manage this – https://wordpress.org/plugins/classic-editor/

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